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Bellano through the eyes of Andrea Vitali

Large town, important, large population, heavy traffic. Too may shops to remember, as well as inns. A port that, so they told him, would have been at home on the banks of any sea and that was a continuous coming and going of comballo boats that went up there from Como or boats that came down from the high lake to unload goods that would then be taken to the valleys behind the town. There was everything. A prefecture, which was best being avoided, and a hospital that served the population of half the lake and the surrounding hill villages.
Luxury hotels, where in one somebody told him Garibaldi had slept there, and bars and inns for the lower population too. And that wasn’t all, because as well as all the coming and going, there was a sanctuary on the mountain, dedicated to the Virgin Mary who had cried tears of blood at the time of Carlo Codega, which attracted pilgrims, even from the Grigioni. So, a lively place where money circulated and the people didn’t just think about work.
Perhaps because there weren't also two places filled with drama?
A theatre where half the theatre companies in Lombardy came?
And the inns, he said there were seventeen of them, if it was clear what he was trying to say?
Una bocciofila.
A football pitch.
A sailing club affiliated to the one in Como. Life, basically.

Andrea Vitali
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