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The Palasole in Bellano is a multi-purpose facility located at the mouth of the River Pioverna.

With a breathtaking view over the lake and the mountains that form a crown around it, a privileged point from where you can admire splendid sunsets.


Comune di Bellano – Segreteria

Via Vittorio veneto, 23 Bellano

0341 821124 int. 2

The building, which is reminiscent of a large sail unfurled by the wind, consists of curved laminated wooden beams supported by metal elements of varying heights and steel tie rods.

The link between the shape and the context is dictated both by the immediate proximity of lake water, and by the nearby Sailing Club whose square is dotted with boats of different shapes and sizes, like the supports of the Palasole that resemble trees. The shape of the sail, on the other hand, is emphasized both by the curving line of the roof and by the wooden elements that cover the west facade.

The building interior consists of a block dedicated to services such as central heating, bathrooms, warehouses, kitchen and control room and a large hall with a stage, projection screen and audio / video system. The large hall, which is used for various events, is also given to private individuals and associations who request it for parties, weddings and small fairs.

Along the south and west sides there is a green area with walkways, also granted in use together with the structure, which communicates well with the inside of the room thanks to the large windows along the side overlooking the river and the lake, expanding the possibilities of use.



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