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MUU Museum of Milk and History of Muggiasca

The Museum of Milk and History of Muggiasca (MUU) is an ethnographic museum located in Vendrogno in Bellano.

The Museum was founded in 2008, with the task of preserving and handing down artefacts and traditions linked to the life and culture of the Muggiasca, with particular attention to the stages of milk processing.


MUU Milk and History Museum

Via Roma, 12, 23838 Loc. Vendrogno, Bellano

The intent is to promote a shared and sustainable vision of the territory and development, as a synthesis of economy and culture.

Located in the heart of the town, the MUU occupies the premises of the former Vendrogno dairy, for almost a century used for the processing and transformation of milk.

The building includes six exhibition halls and a civic and conference hall on three floors.

The six rooms of the museum are divided into 4 itineraries that touch on the themes of the transformation of milk, the forest, life in the fields, work in the stable, the home and women’s work in the past, as well as some episodes of the history of Muggiasca. The transformation of milk is narrated on the ground floor of the museum through a permanent display in four rooms showing the full dairy equipment with its original layout. The other two rooms of the museum house rotating displays of objects, images and archive material.

In addition to the preservation of objects, the museum is a promoter of research, exhibitions and events that animate the cultural life of Muggiasca; it is managed by the non-profit social promotion association Insieme per il Museo di Vendrogno, with the support of the Town Council and since 2010 it has been a part of the Museum System of the Province of Lecco.

To support the Museum it is possible to become a member, make donations or participate in the initiatives promoted by the MUU.

Museum Hall

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