The ancient “Palazzo Lorla” with its huge park that could reach the cemetery and faced the Bellano’s Orrido, is now the residential area of Santa Marta, reachable by the Manzoni Street. The place that once hosted the “Workers’ Club” is now owned by the municipality, that decided to give it back to the community in December 2018 after refurbishing it. The owner of the Club is today ArchiViVitali and hosts the photographic exhibitions by the artist Velasco Vitali.



La Scena dell’Arte – The Art Scene

2 July – 6 November 2022

A project in which ArchiViVitali and Villa Carlotta are collaborating. It is managed by Velasco Vitali and covers two different thematic sections: The secret theatre (at Villa Carlotta, Tremezzina (CO)) and “Straniamenti” (at Spazio Circolo, Bellano). The two locations aim to connect the international point of view of the Como river and the manufacturer characteristics of the Lecco river: Villa Carlotta is indeed an ancient glorious villa, whereas the Spazio Circolo is an historic club recently transformed into an exhibit’s location.



Since 2018 ArchiViVitali organizes different exhibits that respect the cultural nature of the territory, referring to its themes and specific aspects.

The exhibition schedule follows Bellano, the lake, the nature and the influence among the different artistic spheres.


Lo strano colore del RossoThe odd Red colour – 2018

Inspired by the poem “La Pioggia” (The Rain) by Jorge Luis Borges, it is a made for the artist Giancarlo Vitali during the year of his death.


Caduta LiberaFree Fall – 2019

An inspection over darkness, considering its surprises and ghosts. It is dedicated to the Bellano’s Orrido as the concrete place that is able to represent the soul; moreover, it is also where it is possible to investigate the shadows and where the abandoned or forgotten objects come back to life.


George Kenneth Scott Eats Drink and Pizza – 2020

Some of the unreleased works of the American stylist and designer Ken Scott about a specific theme: food.


La teoria delle impronte 1 – The prints’ theory 1 – 2020

Engraved works by contemporary artists, directly from the print house Corrado Albicocco. In the Palace’s Hall, dating back to the 17th century, there are the original works and tools used by Jannis Kounellis. Moreover, through the gallery you will find also the pieces of Carla Accardi, Giovanni Frangi, Nunzio, Luca Pignatelli, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Francesco Poiana, Giuseppe Santomaso, David Tremlett, Lorenzo Vale, Emilio Vedova, Velasco Vitali, Sateca Zec, Giuseppe Zigaina.


La Teoria delle Impronte 2The prints’ theory 2 – 2020

18 pieces by the Custodian of the Civica Raccolta delle Stampe Bertarelli Giovanna Mori – Rembrandt, Goya, Ensor, Boccioni, Bartolini, Morandi and several Giancarlo Vitali’s notes. The main theme here is original engraving technique.


Goldwatch – 2021

By Velasco Vitali: “It is the representation of my ‘reclusion’ through some images that I painted during and Instagram live in a garden”. 24 canvas, some other small paintings that were created open air, and some drawings.


L’ITALIA È UN GIARDINO. Di ricerche estetiche agrestiItaly is a garden of agricultural aesthetic researches – 2021

By Geraldine Blais, some of the most representative Italian landscape personalities – Chiara Camoni, Francesco Carone, Gianluca Concialdi, Diego Perrone, Alberto Scodro, Sofia Silva, Silvia Stefani, Danilo Vitali – considering at the centre of their investigation the natural experience, as if it was the best way to understand the contemporary cultural language.


IL SIPARIO – La Scena dell’Arte/1 – THE CURTAIN – The Art Scene/1– 2022

The first stop of the great exhibit “The Art Scene”.

The pieces come from the Tuscany Hall theatre of Florence that in 2005 has created the curtains together with the “Amici della Contemporaneità Teatrale” Association and gallerist Santo Ficara. Some of the expositions: Pino Pinelli “Pittura R. – 101 elementi. I”, Luigi Mainolfi “Bestiario del firmamento” e Fabrizio Plessi “Energy”.


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