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14 – The Muggio loop

This is a natural-cultural-religious promenade that, still being cautious, allows the visitors to discover the four slopes of the Muggio mountain

The starting point is the parking lot in the south side: you can walk to Giumello and then go downhill to enter the east side conifers and beeches wood


Piani di Giumello – Sant’Ulderico – Alpe Dolca – Pra’ Bolscin  – Chiaro – Giumello


a) at the junction take the downhill path to Sant’Ulderico (without visiting the church) and meet the other path that will lead you uphill to Dolca; b) from Sant’Ulderico you can proceed downhill to the Ortighera alpine pasture and then move back uphill to the Chiaretto alpine pasture (on the IT.15 backwards).


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The Muggio loop (1)

The Muggio loop (2)

At the junction near Sant’Uderico you’ll walk downhill and reach the church located on the northern side from the 13th century: this church has always been a destination of pagan pilgrimages, clearly never looked good by the church hierarchy because of their nature.

You can admire the majestic Legnone range (2600 metres above sea level), then leave Sant’Ulderico and walk through the larch wood. Following the path on the right and after overcoming some “equipped rocks”, you will reach the now abandoned Dolca alpine pasture. You can continue until you reach the Pra’ Bulscin moor, that is finally located on the western side of the mountain and shows the astonishing lake view.

The path will easily lead you to the Chiaro alpine pasture, from which you will get back to the parking lot in a short while.

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