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13 – To the Muggio peak

Walking uphill from Giumello to Muggio mountain must be done with the proper equipment

The itinerary is dedicated to those expert hikers that know how to behave and approach a path that is constantly over 1500 m high


Pian del Giumello – Passo del Lupo – Croce – Passo Comolli – Comolli – Chiaro – Giumello


After the peak and before reaching the foresummit, you can take: a) the Sentiero dei Mirtilli path on your right, if you want to go back to Pian del Giumello through the northern side of the Muggio mountain; b) the summit that will lead you to Cantun del Ciar and then back to Giumello through the IT.14 route.


Download the route as gpx


To walk up to the mountain peak from the parking lot, you can take the path towards east and after a short path turn left into the pasture. Following the north way, you will meet a junction where you can start going uphill towards north-west.

From this point on, the path will be smooth until the peak. You will walk by the “Passo del Lupo” (the wolf pass) and reach the cross where you can admire the beautiful landscape at 360°. After that, you can continua downhill on the opposite summit for 15 minutes, until the Comolli foresummit: here the view of the lake is even more stunning.

Starting here to walk backwards, you will go through the conifer wood between your current place and the Grigna mountain; from the wood you can follow the path on your right that will lead you to Alpe Chiaro. Here, it is also possible to stop at the cheese hut to by some dairy local products.

Finally, to get back to Giumello, the path will be south-east way and totally smooth.

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