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12 – The alpine pastures’ tour

A strongly valuable itinerary that allows you to visit the three alpine pastures still active in the Muggiasca territory; you can also buy the local dairy products.


Lornico – Tedoldo – Chiaro – Camaggiore – Set – Tedoldo – Campofiasco – Mornico


a) walking uphill from Tedoldo to Bassia, there are 5 different alterative tracks; b) from Tedoldo or Chiaro, you can end your path reaching Mornico; c) you can reach Giumello from Chiaro on the IT.13 route, then from Capanna Vittoria you can take the IT.GT route towards Narro and finally walk west way to reach Mornico back.


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The alpine pastures’ tour (1)

The alpine pastures’ tour (2)

From the parking of Mornico, you can walk through the village’s streets and go uphill to the permanent field; on top of it, near the local chapel, you can turn right and then left to take the monumental chestnut groves path. Once you reach the junction, you can follow the route towards Lornico. Near the small church you will find and next to almost burnt beams, you can take the route that will make you leave the village.

On your way towards Tedoldo you will meet an isolated cheese nut, from which you may take the path on the right to reach a small lake near some picnic tables; continuing uphill east way, you will be walking through a birches wood until a fountain. After going through a firs wood, you will find the Pozzi di Bassia’s fountain. The landscape here characterized by the Grigna mountain on the right and lake Como on the left.

To reach the second alpine pasture, Chiaro one, you have to overcome the steep east side of the mountain. Continuing on the path, you can reach the refurbished lodges and a third active fountain. At this point, you have to start walking on the opposite way, following the west path e overpassing the isolated cheese nut to reach the famous view point Cantun de Ciar. The itinerary goes on north-west way until Pra’ Bulscin; from this point on, the path continues downhill on one of the most panoramic paths, until the third alpine pasture of Camaggiore. Oncee you have reached the isolated cheese nut, you can walk south way to get back to Valsassina valley. There is another view point here, right below the route your taking: S. Girolamo.

Shortly after, you will find the lodges nucleus where the “Ristoro Ragno” is located, that may be useful to east and rest. Finally, you can continue walking, passing by the birches and conifers woods until you get back to Tedoldo.

You can visit the small Alpini church overlooking the lake, then continue towards the Valsassina valley. You then have to take the left path towards Lornico and then move back downhill on the right after the bridge. In the wood you will find yourself back in the original monumental chestnut groves and at the kiosk right over Mornico, where your journey ends.

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