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09 – The third parish: S. Gregorio Magno

The itinerary is suggested to those well-trained hikers that are interested in a panoramic path overlooking lake Como and a visit to the rural Noceno district

In Vendrogno you can take Via per Noceno route and walk up to the mule-track, surrounded by permanent fields until the locality of Casa Mia. Once you reach the junction, you can keep walking for 5 km on the same path


Piazzo – Noceno – Pratolungo – Camaggiore – Noceno – Vendrogno


Break at Noceno or Pratolungo and return back on the same path


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The third parish: San Gregorio Magno (1)

The third parish: San Gregorio Magno (2)

At the next junction you can walk uphill, near the La Madonnina agritourism, using the path that goes through the chestnut groves where you can see some monumental pieces. On your left you can see some views of the lake. Before reaching the district, you will walk through Val Grande, the southern border between Noceno and Vendrogno.

The village you will meet on your journey shortly after, is still characteristically rustic. Nevertheless, S. Gregorio Magno church has been an autonomous parish from 1710 to 1986: on its façade it is represented the S. Marco’s lion, and it is framed between the lake and mountains landscape.

There is a small cemetery too, it gives the visitor an idea of the ancient expectations, events and lives of the people who used to inhabit this territory. Next to the cemetery the route goes back in the chestnut grove and brings you among different valleys, like the Val Grande, the northern border with Dervio citizens. When you reach Pratolungo farmsteads, you can take the uphill path that will lead you to the Pratolungo mountain pasture.

Moving up on the same path, you reach and can enjoy the visit to the Camaggiore mountain pasture; from this point on, you can reach Noceno following the already mentioned 07 path but backwards. Finally, from Noceno to Vendrogno you can go on following backwards the path you took at the beginning of the journey.

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