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07 – The vertical transhumance

The full version of the itinerary is reserved for well-trained hikers who wants to discover the developed landscape that was once a characterized by rural life

The territory was divided into three different seasonal cultivation stations: the vineyards at the bottom, the fields and the maggenghi at the middle, the pastures at the top


San Rocco – Lezzeno – Gora – Soglio – Noceno – Camaggiore – Busè – Sanico – Mosnico – Vendrogno – Ombriaco – Bellano


a) break at Lezzeno and return to Bellano through IT.02 route; b) break at Noceno and return towards Vendrogno, then IT.07 route to Bellano; c) break at S. Grato, return to Vendrogno through IT.08, then IT.07 to Bellano.


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The vertical transhumance (1)

The vertical transhumance (2)

It begins in Bellano going uphill through Via Plinio route and after a short walk on SP66 route, you may turn right on the street that will lead you to the sanctuary of Lezzeno.

You can enjoy the view of the centre part of lake Como, then you can continue your path on the mule-track towards the Miracle Chapel, where it was seen the Virgin Mary in bleeding tears.

Continuing towards Gora (where you can find the former vineyards), taking a short downhill walk on the SP66 route, you keep your right towards Soglio.

After crossing the Val Grande valley, you can take the uphill street towards Noceno: at first you could find terraced meadows where people used to work especially during spring and autumn season; then they evolved into a chestnut grove.

After visiting Noceno you can walk uphill back to the mule-track path towards Monte Basso di Camaggiore, that is today an abandoned place.

Once you’ve reached the summer mountain pasture of Camaggiore, you can find on your left S. Girolamo and have a break there. You surely cannot miss the stanning view from Cantun della Breva, where you can sit down on some ancient graves. Continuing downhill and south way, you walk through a wood of birches and conifers.

Firstly, you’ll reach the former mountain pasture of Set, then the Busè station, and finally the village of Sanico.

Once you visited the small village, also known as the “little Venice”, you can cross the SP66 route and go from Mosnico to Vendrogno, walking north way. There you can visit the Milk Museum – right at the centre of the village – to complete your knowledge about the ancient peasant civilization.

Leaving the village, you can take the SP66 route and take the mule-track path after more or less 1 km on the left. If you cross then the same route for another couple times, you’ll reach Ombriaco and Bellano, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of terraced vineyards.

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