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05 – The ancient Valsassina path

A medium demanding hiking route to discover the hidden side of Bellano among the chestnut groves and once walked by those who took care of the overland traffic between Valsassina and Lecco

The first part of the route is the same as the one of IT.04: they are divided only by Via Crucius of Sant’Andrea. Here you can take the left path to the Orrido canyon, where the waterfall starts to flow


San Rocco – Bonzeno – Pegnino – Portone – Parlasco – Portone – Croce del Gallo – Biosio – Bellano


It is possible to turn back from Portone to Bellano without reaching Parlasco.


Download the route as gpx


You walk through a short uphill path in Bonzeno, you cross over SP62 and after a downhill street you take the opposite path of the Pioverna stream, the ancient mule-track inside Val Muggiasca valley.

You walk through the chestnut groves and meadows of the northern side of S. Defendente mountain, until you reach the destination.

A fortified custom-house already existed in Portone: it was shared with the inhabitants of Varenna mountains and it was the location of the clashes for the defence of Bellanese territory from external enemies. Moving on, you can reach Parlasco and visit the painted village.

You can turn back using the same path to Portone.

There is then a steep downhill road to Biosio and after that to Bellano, you finally proceed backwards on IT.06 route.

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