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04 – Discovering the olive groves

The touristic itinerary for those who desire to walk through the cultivated olive groves behind Bellano

Starting from the centre of the village you can walk uphill along the parish church, until S. Rocco. Crossing the bridge on your right over the Orrido, you can then take a short mule-track path until the SP 62 route


San Rocco – Bonzeno – Biosio – Rivalba – Bonzeno – Bellano


It is possible to turn back from Rivalba to Bellano using the “Sentiero del Viandante” path (IT.01)


Download the route as gpx


Constantly walking uphill you will walk among Bozeno’s streets to reach the highest point of the entire path, from which you can take the route on your right towards Biosio. During the journey you will meet the “Frantoio” (oil mill), the driving force of local olive growing.

Biosio is a tiny village characterized by a medieval atmosphere and a small baroque church overlooking the lake. The mule-track path leads us then to the massive factory building, that was once a tavern. The track continues north way and follows the opposite side of the journey of the “Sentiero del Vandate” path.

Overpassing Rivalba’s church, you can take an uphill path overlooking the lake: it goes inside the olive groves, to Sant’Andrea and down to Bellano.

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