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03 – Discovering the old vineyards

An easy itinerary with numerous stops that allow the hiker to turn back to Bellano whenever they prefer; it can be done by anybody, if provided with the appropriate facilities

The path leads you to the districts located next to the lakeside, rural villages that in the past took care of the agricultural production (especially wine) for local usage and to serve the archbishop of Milan’s meals


Oro – Grabbia – Verginate – Pendaglio – Gora – Pradello – Ombriaco – Bellano


a) break at Oro, possible return on the same road as before; b) break at Pendaglio with a downhill walk and possible return on the same road as before; c) break at Gora with a downhill walk to Lezzeno and Bellano (IT. 07); d) possible walking path from Pradello to Vendrogno + the chance to visit to the “Museo del latte e della storia della Muggiasca” before returning to Bellano (IT.07).


Download the route as gpx


The path begins at the centre of Bellano, it goes uphill from Via al Ca’ route to Strada per Oro route, where you can admire the lake view.

It continues north way until reaching Oro, where you can visit the village. The journey goes on north way among fields and vineyard, until the village of Grabbia that is the real balcony on the lake with an intense Mediterranean atmosphere.

You have to take a steep uphill track among the meadows, which leads you on the “Sentiero del Viandante” path: keeping the right you can walk towards Bellano until you find a small bridge on the left side of the street.

You walk uphill on the mule-track path to reach Verginate: the village welcomes us with its characteristic wineries and the touristic houses. The path here goes south way towards Pendaglio district, which is still quite rural.
The village of Soglio, border land with Noceno district, is located only a few minutes walk; it shows you the terraces and vineyards still cultivated as in ancient times.

You go on walking downhill, crossing the Val Grande valley through another bridge over the stream, in Gora.

At this point it is possible to reach Pradello: the characteristic village that lays on the South part of the Val Muggiasca valley, on the first plateau of glacial origin.

A large mule-track path going downhill will lead you to Ombriaco and then Bellano, offering you several viewpoints of Lake Como along the way.

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