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02 – Sentiero del Viandante path – Bellano-Corenno Plinio

Walking from Bellano to S. Rocco, you will take the mule-track path uphill towards Ombriaco. On your right you will find gardens and orchards overlooking the Orrido gorge

Walking under a bridge, you will enter the village where San Bernardino church dated back to 15th century, is located


San Rocco – Ombriaco – Lezzeno – Oro – Ronchi – Dervio – Corenno


Possibile interruzione a Dervio e rientro per il medesimo percorso o via treno o battello.


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Walking uphill, once you reach the wash house and turn left, you will find yourself on SP 66 route. Following the path keeping the right you will reach Lezzeno’s Sanctuary, where you will be able to admire the beautiful landscape. After that, moving to the back of the sanctuary and arriving at the fountain, you can take again your path between two buildings.

Keeping the right, after a short walk you’ll enter the historical centre of Lezzeno: it is a rural area composed by stone buildings. Crossing the SP 66 route you’ll get to the bucolic Valletta.

After passing the basin with meadows and olive groves, you walk through chestnut trees and meadows, up to a junction towards Bellano where you’ll need to keep the right and get inside “Valle dei Mulini” valley. Overpassing the bridge, at the next junction you’ll walk down to Oro.

Sentiero del Viandante – Corenno

Continuing uphill north way, among gardens and olive groves, after crossing another bridge you find yourself back on the mule-track path that will lead you to “Val Grande” valley. Here you will be able to experience a stunning view of the central area of Lake Como.

If you keep walking downhill, you’ll be followed by some opening views on the lake. Also the oaks disappear: we are in the Mediterranean area with heather and broom.
You can then overpass the Chignolo valley through a wooden bridge.

You can slightly go back uphill; once you find the farms you can walk down to Dervio, in particular to the “Crot del Cech”. At the end of the route you’ll see the Romanesque bell tower of Saints Quirico and Giulitta. Over the rock on your right, there are the ruins of an ancient fortification: Castelvedro.

Going on the historical strategic bridge over the Varrone stream, you can take Via Giglio route on you right and the mule-track path uphill to Castello’s centre. Once you reach Castello, you can keep on walking until the arched door, where the Orezia tower (open to visits) dated back to 12th century, is located next to San Leonardo church.
At the bottom of the tower, you can reach north way a parking with a wash house, from which you will need to take the downhill way to SS 36 route. Be aware of the traffic.

At the roundabout you will have to take Via del Monastero route to reach the more comfortable part of the path: you’ll the walk downhill and you’ll see some ruins of the Monastero degli Umiliati (humiliated monastery) alienated in 1571.

Today the mule-track path is engraved directly in the rock. Among stone walls between meadows and olive trees, you advance with a wide view of Corenno Plinio and its castle. The medieval village is surely fascinating.

Since in Corenno there are no public transportations, you must go back on foot to at least Dervio.

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