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15 – The loop among the Muggio’s woods

This is a naturalistic itinerary, the hardest one, that allows the visitor to discover the wild woods on the northern Muggio mountain

It is considered to be the hardest path because ways are new, pretty narrow and not so popular


Chiaretto – Ortighera – Sant’Ulderico – Camaggiore – Chiaro – Giumello


From Sant’Ulderico you can walk to Dolca on the IT.14 route or get back to Pian del Giumello on the IT.14 route backwards.


Download the route as gpx


Leaving the parking lot, you can walk east way through the pasture until the Chiaretto alpine pasture and looking at the Cimone di Margno. The path goes down to a beeches wood and leads you to the almost completely abandoned Ortighera alpine pasture.

You can follow the route on your left, entering the beeches wood; when it comes to an end, you can proceed on the mule-track still through the beeches woods. You can enjoy the view over Val Varrone valley and then walk downhill to the church to face the steep journey towards the Foppone mountain. Here begins the wildest part of the route, that goes among thick trees. You can later take the route from Camaggiore to walk on until the sight of the cheese hut.

You will find a path on your left that, going uphill, leads you to the south-east Muggio peak. Once you get to Pra’ Bulscin, you can get back to Giumello following the IT.14 route signs.

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