Frazione di Biosio LA FABBRICA
- sentieri -

01 – Sentiero del Viandante path – Bellano-Varenna

Walking from Bellano to S. Rocco, you will take the mule-track path at the SP 62 intersection

It starts here the mule-track that will lead you to Rivalba. We find ourselves in the lauretum’s landscape, surrounded by meadows, olive groves and vineyards


San Rocco – Rivalba – Cestaglia – Gittana – Perledo – Regolo – Campallo – Vezio – Varenna


It is possible to return to Bellano on foot, going from Varenna towards Cava Bassa – Cappella Maglia, and then following the previous path.


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In the Biosio valley, we move from an area with rocks that form acid soils, to an area with rocks that determine limestone soils.
Overpassing the Factory we enter a coppice mixed with prevalence of hornbeam. Moving on and passing by a kiosk, there’s a sign that invites you to have a look at the limestone formations of Varenna. Moreover, the same sign will tell you the story of the old cable railway that used to connect the area of Riva di Gittana and the hydrotherapeutic factory of Regoledo.

The path goes on, also passing next to the Cestaglia village to reconnect then the continuing path towards Gittana. One of the main artistic miles of the path is the parish dedicated to the Nativity of B. V. Maria, that dates back to 1400.

Sentiero del Viandante Varenna

On the mule-track path and after walking uphill in the chestnut grove, you will find yourself at the Maglia chapel, in front of the “Bosco delle Streghe” (the witches wood). On top of it there are the remains of the 6th century fortification of Sant’Ambrogio.

Continuing towards Perledo through Via alla Cava Alta route, you will meet the Black Marble cave of Varenna in front of you after a short walk. Walking down the route, you can then go back uphill keeping your left, passing by a wood and an olive grove, to arrive at Tondello: here you can follow Tondello route and Via per Esino route, to reach Perledo’s church. From Via della Pace route you will follow the signs to S. Martino.

Walking down along the Municipality, you’ll find the Sentiero del Viandante path on your right: you will reach Regolo and its small S. Giovanni Battista church. On your left you’ll find your way out from the village, an olive grove, the Perledo’s stream and the path down to Madonna del Campallo.

Arriving at the industrial area, you can keep the left and then straight to the right, to find the sign with the entire Sentiero’s route. You will also find a ladder leading to the bottom of the valley, where the Esino river flows. Under the stone bridge there’s a tiny gorge dug by the waters inside the limestone formations. Finishing the uphill path you will find yourself at Vezio Castle, cross the square and reach Sant’Antonio; if the weather makes it possible, you must visit the Castle and its characteristic beauty.

Leaving it behind you and continuing south way, you will pass by a tennis court and find yourself between limestone rocks, literally jumping into the lake.

You can see Bellagio’s hill in front of you and, walking through an olive grove you will then see the former Hotel Eremo Gaudio. The “Sentiero del Viandante” path goes on on the left. Instead of taking that path though, we’ll walk down the road that leads you to the centre of Varenna and its side lake path. Since there are several key locations in the village, we’ll have a look only at the most significant ones for us.

Finally, you can choose how to go back to Bellano: using the ferryboat or the train.

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