Alpine pastures

Many of the settlements at higher altitudes on Monte Muggio were, and in part still are, communal alpine pastures.

Camaggiore, Sett, Busè, Tedoldo, Dolca and Chiaro were the places where the cows were sent to spend the summer grazing, where the meadows represented the main source for the summer feeding of the local cattle and in a small part provided for the pasturing of foreign cattle.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, after Sett was incorporated in Busè and Dolca in Chiaro, there were four mountain pastures, while nowadays there are three still in activity: Camaggiore, Tedoldo and Chiaro. In addition to livestock and staff who look after them in the renovated huts, the latter attracts many holidaymakers and tourists who love the rural atmosphere of yesteryear, the beautiful places that the mountains offer and the breathtaking views of Lake Como, and who have decided to transform the many mountain huts into second homes.


Alpe Tedoldo is situated at an altitude of between 1200 and 1450 m above sea level and is a traditional destination for numerous excursions in the Muggiasca area: from the ring of Alpine pastures to the ascent to Giumello and the summit of Monte Croce di Muggio. In addition to the itineraries on foot, it is possible to reach the mountain pasture thanks to the path that leads through fields, woods and pastures, and is regulated by a special pass.

Among the small huts that make up the center of the village located upstream of a large meadow with breathtaking views of the lake, there are two buildings that were already used for summer holidays in the early 20th century.

The feast of the alpine pasture is celebrated on the second Sunday of August.

The feast of the alpine pasture is celebrated on the second Sunday of August, and coincides with the feast of the Alpini, who also own a hut here and take care of the small church, located upstream of the village, in memory of the Fallen for the Homeland.


The legend of the hermit brothers are remembered every year on the first Sunday of August.

Alpe di Camaggiore is situated at an altitude between 1150 and 1650 m above sea level and is defined as “The Pearl of the Muggiasca“. Thanks to its position mostly on the north-west side of the Muggio where the ridge gives way to a wide plateau, it offers breathtaking views over Lake Lugano, Legnone and Legnoncino and one of the most exclusive views of Lake Como thanks to its sheer drop to the water. The most panoramic point is represented by the terrace at the foot of the church of San Girolamo, which is linked to the legend of the hermit brothers, where the iron cross erected in honour of the Fallen stands, and who are remembered every year on the first Sunday of August.

The territory of the alpine pasture includes two groups of huts: at a lower altitude, Camaggiore proper, now in complete abandonment and ruin, and Stalle di Camaggiore which, thanks to the restoration and conversion of rural buildings into houses, preserves the simple and rustic character of this type of settlement.

Camaggiore is crossed by numerous paths that from the lakeside hamlets of Bellano go up the Muggio to its summit or by the less demanding Anello di Monte Muggio that allows you to go on a full tour at high altitude, passing through Giumello and the pasture of Chiaro. Besides this, it is also possible to reach Camaggiore thanks to the path through fields, woods and pastures, which is regulated by a special pass.


Alpe Chiaro is located at an altitude between 1350 and 1750 m above sea level and is mostly positioned on the southern side of Muggio, from where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Valsassina, Grigna, Lario and as far as Monte Rosa.

As in the other alpine pastures, Chiaro also has many small houses-stalls that once belonged to the members of communist societies to whom the alpine pasture was rented.

The alpine pasture festival is on August 14.

This is the smallest alpine pasture and the nucleus is made up of modest grouped constructions, originally thatched, now converted into holiday homes.

Thanks to its proximity to Alpe Giumello, which can be easily reached by carriage road, Chiaro is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy priceless views without too much effort and return home with fresh or matured dairy products.

In addition to the road, Chiaro can be reached on foot from the paths that climb up the Muggio from the lake to the peak, passing through the other two alpine pastures located further down the valley.

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